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  • Location: Minnesota

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04:11 on 12 Jan 2017
A recorded voice called from a Minneapolis, MN number around 8:30pm. The female voice said that I had recently been to a resort and that as a result of the stay with the resort I was eligible to claim a cruise to somewhere. I have not been to a resort for very many years, and did not have this number or address. The recorded voice did not ask who I was, or state my name as the person who was eligible for winning the cruise, so I knew right away that this was not a legitimate offer. There was no statement which identified the company that provided the call nor the provider of the cruise I was supposedly eligible for. As a person who used to do fundraising calls for a living, I can tell you that if you get a call from a company with a legitimate offer they HAVE TO give their company's contact info as well as the info about what company they are calling for. I was asked at the end of the call if she could ask me a few questions. I replied by stating that I would rather that she took me off of her calling list, after which the same question was asked about whether or not I was willing to answer some questions by what seemed to be a person. I repeated my statement of preferring to be removed from the calling list and the person hung up.
19:22 on 11 Jan 2017
Robot telemarketer with headset issues

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