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  • Location: New York

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21:10 on 17 Jan 2017
Received a call from NY 646-844-8365 but caller hung up on me when I answered. I called back & a foreign lady answered. She told me I was selected for a Federal Grant from US Treasury of $1000.00. She already knew my name and address. Then she gave me my confirmation code AJ216 and told me to call her supervisor at 646-751-8137. I called and a foreign man answered. He told me I would receive $9,000 if I went to Wal*Mart with $250 cash or bank card from my savings or checking account and call him back from the parking lot. I told him I do not have $250 and he told me I can do this deal as soon as I get the $250 by calling back and asking for Jacob at extension 109.
18:45 on 11 Jan 2017
whar is this number use for

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